Adding Beautiful Cowhide Rugs to the Home

Adding Beautiful Cowhide Rugs to the Home

Adding decor to your home is the easiest way to change its look and spice up its appeal. One way that people are changing their home’s look is by adding area rugs. Area rugs are great for warming up a cold floor and making a room look more inviting, but your typical fiber area rug doesn’t do to your room what cowhide rugs can do. With cowhides, you’re incorporating an elegant work of art into a room that is going to last for decades.

The beauty about cowhides is that they’re made from natural sources, ensuring that you’re getting a piece that is totally unique. No two cowhide rugs are alike, and what you buy is going to be different from anything else on the market. Another benefit to cowhide is that it can be incorporated into just about any decor. You might associate cowhide with a western or rustic theme, but people have added it to contemporary and modern rooms with great ease. The cowhide rug can fit into any area of the house and still look amazing.

Cowhide is naturally hypoallergenic despite the fact that it’s made from organic animal hide and hair. This is perfect for the homeowner with sensitive allergies who wants an animal rug but doesn’t want to deal with the allergic reaction that comes with it. Your new rug will also be incredibly easy to keep clean and looking its best. In most cases, you’ll just need to take the hide outside and give it a good shake to loosen any dirt and debris within the fur. It’s not often recommended to vacuum the rug because it can rip out the delicate hairs.

Despite the rug having a delicate and thin look to it, cowhide is incredibly durable and is going to last you for decades before needing to be replaced. Some homeowners have had their rugs their entire lives and are ready to pass them down to their children. There aren’t many traditional fiber rugs that you can say you are able to do that with. This is why, when you pay a little more for the cowhide rug, you’re putting your money into a true investment that is going to pay for itself time and time again.

There are a variety of stores, both offline and online, that sell gorgeous rugs that will complement any room in the home. Remember that no two rugs are alike and you’re getting a truly unique work of art that no one else will have. This makes owning a cowhide rug even more fun because you know that what you have is totally unique to your home and is ideal for the office, living room or den.

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